GED® Science

The GED Science test is basically just a reading comprehension test, similar to the Reasoning through Language Arts test, except all of the passages are about science. Our collection of practice exercises is below, and there’s more information about the test here.

Free GED Science Practice Tests

  1. Short GED Science Practice Test: What should you study?
  2. Principles of Science
  3. Science Articles
  4. Data Analysis
  5. GED Science Vocabulary

Guide to the GED Science Test

What’s on the GED Science Test?

The GED Science test includes questions related to life science, physical science, and Earth and space science. However, you don’t need to know very much about these subjects to succeed on the test! Almost all of the information you need to answer the questions will be given in the texts, charts, and graphs that accompany…

GED® Science Test Scoring

If you’re preparing to take the GED Science test, you might be wondering how the test is scored.  First of all, your score is based on the number of correct answers. There is no difference between answering incorrectly and not answering at all, so always make your best guess. The raw score is placed on…

GED Science FAQ

How many questions are on the GED Science test?

There are 40 questions on the GED Science test.

How long does the test take?

The GED Science test lasts for 90 minutes. There is no break.

What is a passing score?

You must score at least a 145 to pass the GED Science test.

Do I need to know a lot about science to pass?

No! Almost all the information you need will be in the texts and graphics that accompany the questions. At its heart, the GED Science test is a reading comprehension test. It will be helpful to know the parts of the scientific method, as well as basic statistics and probability.

Can I use a calculator on the test?

Yes. You may use your own TI-30XS, or you may use the on-screen calculator provided by the GED Testing Service.

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