Word Knowledge I

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These questions test your vocabulary by asking you to identify synonyms, or words that mean the same thing. Look for the best answer, but be aware that there can be slight differences in meaning between synonyms.

The best way to improve your vocabulary is to read as much as possible. As you read, make note of any unfamiliar words and look them up in the dictionary. Then, with the dictionary definition in mind, go back to the text and take another look at how the word is used in context.

Of course, if you have an upcoming exam, you may not have a lot of time for general reading! In this case, there are a few things you can do to quickly improve your performance on vocabulary questions. The first is to learn the common prefixes, roots, and suffixes. This can help you guess the definition correctly. Another is to assemble a set of flashcards and study them frequently. We will be adding dozens of vocabulary quizzes to this site, so check back here and take as many of them as you can! Each answer explanation will include a quote with the word in context, which we hope will solidify your knowledge. Good luck!