Still More Finding the Area Questions!

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Area is the amount of space covered by a surface. For two-dimensional shapes, like squares, triangles, and circles, the area is the size of the space inside the shape.


Area is always expressed in square units, as for instance square feet (ft²) or square meters (m²). “Square” units are even used when the shape is round, like a circle or oval.


To calculate the area of a square, rectangle, or parallelogram, just multiply the length by the width. A rectangle with a length of 4 inches and a width of 5 inches, then, would have an area of 20 in².


Finding the area of a triangle is easy, as well: 1/2 × base × height. (“Base” and “height” are just another way of saying “length” and “width.”) As an example, a triangle with a base of 6 centimeters and a height of 8 centimeters would have an area of 24 cm².


Remember, you do not need to memorize the formulas for area for the GED. They will be provided to you.